Lens Kits for Hire:

Carl Zeiss Vintage Legends – 7 Classic Lenses
Complete set of T* Zeiss primes: 18mm to 135mm

Ideal for drama, commercials, documentaries, pop promos.
Awesome quality. Proven champions of the manual focus era.
Razor sharp. High contrast. Low distortion. Colour matched. Fast.
Contax Zeiss T* lenses are among the finest 35mm prime lenses available.
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18mm Distagon T* f4
 Distagon T* f2.8
28mm Distagon T* f2.8
35mm Distagon T* f2.8
50mm Planar T* f1.4 ‘Superspeed’
85mm Planar T* f1.4 ‘Superspeed’
135mm Sonnar T* f2.8

Flightcased with CY/EOS mount adapters for 5D/7D/C300/RED/BlackMagic/etc.

£135 day / £540 week

Optional Upgrades and Extras:

28mm Distagon T* f2.0 ‘Hollywood’ (£15/day upgrade)
35mm Distagon T* f1.4 ‘Superspeed’ (£25/day upgrade)
60mm Makro-Planar T* f2.8 (£10/day add-on)
 Tele-Tessar T* f3.5 (£10/day add-on)
300mm Tele-Tessar T* f4 (£10/day add-on)


18mm Distagon f4

25mm Distagon  f2.8

28mm Distagons







35mm Distagon f2.8

50mm Planar f1.4

85mm Planar f1.4







135mm Sonnar f2.8

200mm Tele-Tessar f3.5

300mm TeleTessar f/4

300mm Tele-Tessar f4

Carl Zeiss Vintage Dreams – 7 Classic Lenses
Complete set of multicoated Zeiss primes: 20mm to 135mm

Older, dreamier and more ‘vintagey’ in look and feel, these high quality lenses still perform better than most of today’s lacklustre optics.
Ideal for drama, commercials, documentaries, pop promos.
With a remarkable ‘perspective shift‘ lens for straightening out your verticals!

20mm Zeiss Flektogon f2.8
24mm Kiron Kino f2.0
28mm SMC Pentax f3.5 (Perspective Shift)
35mm Zeiss Flektogon f2.4
50mm Zeiss Pancolar f1.8
80mm Zeiss Pancolar f1.8
135mm Zeiss Sonnar f3.5

Flightcased with M42/EOS mount adapters for 5D/7D/C300/Scarlet/BMPC4K/ etc.

£85 day / £340 week

Flektogon 20mm

Flektogon 20mm f2.8

Kiron Kino 24mm f2

Pentax 28mm f3.5 SHIFT

Flektogon 35mm f2.4

Pancolar 50mm f1.8

Pancolar 80mm f1.8

Sonnar 135mm f3.5

Student Set: Orient Express – 5 Prime Lenses
Small set of Japanese & Russian MC primes: 24mm to 85mm

Perfect for students or those on a tight budget.
As good as our Zeiss kits? No. Better than most zooms? Yes.
The Pentax and Jupiter are Zeiss Planar / Sonnar ‘clones’…

24mm Ensinor Macro f2.8
28mm Kiron Kino f2.0
35mm MIR 24H f2.0
50mm SMC Pentax f1.7
85mm Jupiter 9 f2.0

Flightcased with individual EOS mount adapters for 5D/7D/C300/Scarlet/etc.

£35 day / £140 week

Individual Lenses for Hire:

Zeiss Pancolar 80mm f1.8 – Classic portrait lens

A truly classic portrait lens. Perhaps the classic?

The 80mm f1.8 Pancolar is a coveted and much loved closeup lens with excellent performance and a wonderful look. Capable of throwing your background beautifully out of focus to isolate the subject and achieve the fabled ‘3D effect’, or ‘Zeiss pop’ for which the manufacturer has become famous. Stunning bokeh. Great micro-contrast. Pretty hard to find.

Our two manifestations of this divine lens have recently had their delicate aperture mechanisms totally rebuilt, gears serviced and lubed with synthetic helicoid grease, glass cleaned, and focus collimated by senior ‘Lens Doctor’ Eddie Houston, so they really are as awesome as the glorious day they descended from heaven.
A real legend” - MFLenses.com

Supplied with M42/EOS mount adapter for 5D/7D/C300/Scarlet/BMPC4K

£25 day / £100 week

Pancolar 80mm f1.8



Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 28mm “Hollywood” f2.0

From the movies, through the stills era, and back again.
This superior lens design has ruled for over 40 years & counting!

The “Hollywood” nickname comes from the original manifestation of this optical formula – a Zeiss cinematography lens. For us mortal folks, it was also manufactured for Contax, Nikon, Pentax and the Rollei SL35 system as far back as 1970. Consisting of 9 elements in 8 groups, the 2/28 design implements a floating element, resulting in better closeup performance. Minimum focus is 25cm. Excellent flare rejection. Fast too.

A great workhorse in a useful focal length that for some reason has proved tricky for designers. There just aren’t that many truly great 28mm lenses out there. It’s OK though. There is this one.

Made in West Germany, with T* multicoating, natürlich.
Supplied with ‘Rayqual/CameraQuest’ mount adapter for 5D/7D/C300/Scarlet.

£25 day / £100 week

Zeiss T* Distagon f2.0 “Hollywood”

SMC Takumar 15mm f/3.5 (Rectilinear ASPHERICAL)
Very rare. Very beautiful. VERY WIDE angle. NOT fisheye.

Chief designer Prof. Erhard Glatzel designed this super-wide distortion-free miracle as a ‘distagon’ prototype for Zeiss in 1972, but it was too expensive for mass production. Only Asahi Takumar had the technology to produce the required floating aspherical element back then, and they built just 400 examples to prove it. This is one of them.

Tests have shown its performance to be superior to Leica & Zeiss 15mm optics. Revered by everyone from architechtural to astronomical photographers, it is now proving itself as a lens with great cinematic qualities on the Canon 5D. Asahi are said to have shared their legendary Super-Multi-Coating formula with Zeiss, which became T*, in return for this design. Please don’t break it or I will have to kill you…

More history & technical spec of this fascinating lens.
With inbuilt UV, Skylight, Yellow & Red filters.

Flightcased with ‘Rayqual/CameraQuest’ mount adapter for 5D/7D/C300/Scarlet.

£60 day / £240 week



Individual Lenses – Full Price List

Most of our lenses are included as part of a set, so we don’t usually split them up.
If an individual lens is available, it may be hired at the following day / week prices.
Be aware though, it’s usually more expensive this way, and your lens may still become unavailable, if it is subsequently booked by someone else as part of a set.

Lenses shown in black are not in a set, so have no restrictions on availablity.

  • 15mm Asahi Takumar f/3.5 ‘Rectilinear’ _______________________ £60 / £240
  • 18mm T* Zeiss Distagon f/4.0 ________________________________ £30 / £120
  • 20mm Zeiss mc Flektogon f/2.8 _______________________________ £25 / £100
  • 24mm Kiron Kino f/2.0 _______________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 25mm T* Zeiss Distagon f/2.8 ________________________________ £30 / £120
  • 28mm Kiron Kino f/2.0 _______________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 28mm T* Zeiss Distagon f/2.0 ‘Hollywood’ ____________________ £25 / £100
  • 28mm T* Zeiss Distagon f/2.8 ________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 28mm Asahi Pentax f/3.5 ‘Perpective Shift’ ____________________ £20 / £80
  • 35mm T* Zeiss Distagon f/1.4 ‘Superspeed’ ___________________ £40 / £160
  • 35mm MIR f/2.0 ______________________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 35mm Zeiss mc Flektogon f/2.4 _______________________________ £20 / £80
  • 35mm T* Zeiss Distagon f/2.8 _________________________________ £20 / £80
  • 50mm T* Zeiss Planar f/1.4 ‘Superspeed’ ______________________ £20 / £80
  • 50mm SMC Pentax f/1.7 ______________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 50mm Zeiss mc Pancolar f/1.8 ________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 60mm T* Zeiss Makro-Planar f/2.0 ‘Macro’ ____________________ £20 / £80
  • 80mm Zeiss mc Pancolar f/1.8 ________________________________ £25 / £100
  • 85mm T* Zeiss Planar f/1.4 ‘Superspeed’ ______________________ £25 / £100
  • 85mm Jupiter f/2.0 ___________________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 135mm T* Zeiss Sonnar f/2.8 _________________________________ £20 / £80
  • 135mm Zeiss mc Sonnar f/3.5 ________________________________ £15 / £60
  • 200mm T* Zeiss Tele-Tessar f/3.5 ____________________________ £20 / £80
  • 300mm T* Zeiss Tele-Tessar f/4.0 ____________________________ £20 / £80