1972 Takumar 15mm Rectilinear!

SMC Takumar 15mm f/3.5 (Rectilinear ASPHERICAL)
Very rare. Very beautiful. VERY WIDE angle. NOT fisheye.

Chief designer Prof. Erhard Glatzel designed this super-wide distortion-free miracle as a ‘distagon’ prototype for Zeiss in 1972, but it was too expensive for mass production. Only Asahi Takumar had the technology to produce the required floating aspherical element back then, and they built just 400 examples to prove it. This is one of them.

Tests have shown its performance to be superior to Leica & Zeiss 15mm optics. Revered by everyone from architechtural to astronomical photographers, it is now proving itself as a lens with great cinematic qualities on the Canon 5D. Asahi are said to have shared their legendary Super-Multi-Coating formula with Zeiss, which became T*, in return for this design. Please don’t break it or I will have to kill you…

More history & technical spec of this fascinating lens.
With inbuilt UV, Skylight, Yellow & Red filters.

Flightcased with ‘Rayqual/CameraQuest’ mount adapter for 5D/7D/C300/Scarlet.

£60 day / £240 week