• The law actually forbids us from providing insurance directly, since you would have no choice of providers, and this would be illegal mis-selling of insurance!
  • We need to know that your production is adequately covered for loss of, or damage to our gear.
  • Insurance (to full replacement value) is the responsibility / liability of the production. ‘Full Replacement Value’ is calculated at 25x hire price (before discounts).
  • For student productions, this means a copy of your college insurance policy, or a confirmation email from an appropriate staff member, specifically detailing that equipment hired from third parties (like us) is covered when used in student productions.
  • If you destroy / damage/ lose something, and your insurance does not pay up, then the hirer will be liable to pay for it him / her self. So please check the small print!
  • Insurance is boring. But film making is often a chaotic and inherently risky endeavour. Have a proper plan in place for when stuff goes wrong. Accidents happen. Stuff goes missing. That’s what insurance is for.