Zeiss T* 28mm f2 ‘Hollywood’

Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 28mm “Hollywood” f2.0

From the movies, through the stills era, and back again.
This superior lens design has ruled for over 40 years & counting!

The “Hollywood” nickname comes from the original manifestation of this optical formula – a Zeiss cinematography lens. For us mortal folks, it was also manufactured for Contax, Nikon, Pentax and the Rollei SL35 system as far back as 1970. Consisting of 9 elements in 8 groups, the 2/28 design implements a floating element, resulting in better closeup performance. Minimum focus is 25cm. Excellent flare rejection. Fast too.

A great workhorse in a useful focal length that for some reason has proved tricky for designers. There just aren’t that many truly great 28mm lenses out there. It’s OK though. There is this one.

Made in West Germany, with T* multicoating, natürlich.
Supplied with ‘Rayqual/CameraQuest’ mount adapter for 5D/7D/C300/Scarlet.

£25 day / £100 week

Zeiss T* Distagon f2.0 “Hollywood”